Month: March 2018

Paradise on eart I think …Do you?

  The Fiji is beautiful South Pacific archipelago, composed of 333 islands. The largest is Viti Levu and Vanua Levu. All the islands have brilliant turquoise waters, sandy beaches, tall coconut palms and beautiful lagoons. Fiji is very exotic place with friendly people which have flowers in the hair and which is always happy and Read More

 What you can do to Protect Your Garden from Critters

  Sometimes some animals can appear in your garden and make damage there. They can eat the plants that we grow and wait to be ready for us. Than we ask our self how to protect from them.   There are many ways to keep critters out of your garden without harming them. Here are Read More

Common mistakes at vegetable gardening that you can avoid

    On the beginning at gardening we can make mistakes that we can avoid. If we fix them we can have a productive vegetable garden. 1.Bad garden We can avoid bad garden location if we know how much sun exposure need for the plants. Some plants like more sun or direct sunlight other like Read More

Very important tool that you must have in Your Garden -Baking Soda

    Everyone love to see your own garden beautiful and it is nice to know the vast use of baking soda not just in the kitchen and around the house, well, it also has more of uses in the garden. Here are some of the ways you can use this super tool in your Read More

How to Grow Roses From Cuttings

    Roses are very beautiful flowers and they smell very nice,so we like to have them in our garden.Sometimes we can grow them with cuttings of roses The time to start taking softwood cuttings in the spring is six weeks from the time they start making leaves. Cutting woulds always be above the ring Read More


  Artichokes are a perennial crop that can be grown as an annual in areas with cold winters. Sometimes artichokes want to be warm, and sometimes they want to be cold, and if you mess those periods up, you will just end up with nice, prickly thistle plants and never see a flower bud. Using Read More

When and how to grow parsnips

  The parsnip is a delicious, hardy winter vegetable with sweet, nutty flavour. Parsnips are slow to germinate and you are much more likely to succeed with growing them if you wait until April before sowing the seeds. Parsnip seeds need a minimum of 8°C (46°F) to germinate, but even at this temperature they are liable Read More

When you want to grow kiwi you need to know

If you like to grow kiwi fruit it must have something to climb up and you’ll need to plant one male vine for every eight or nine female vines. They must have a location that’s protected from late spring frosts that might damage newly emerged spring growth and to have a full sun position. The Read More

How To Care About Snake Plant

  Snake plant have a long green leaves plaint with water.It is nice to have it in bedroom because it converts CO2 into oxygen at night. When you want to buy snake plant you have to select a plant with deep green color ,that mean plant is healthy.   Snake plants handles a variety of Read More

Bromeliad –how to care about this exotic flower or what it need to be so beautiful

Bromeliads are easy to grow indoor plants, but caring for bromeliads is different than any other plant you probably have. Since they take up nutrients and water through their leaves, you’ll need to take special care in watering, feeding, and potting your bromeliads. Blooms can last for a few short days or remain in place for Read More

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