About Us


I’ve been housewife for so long and now when my children are grown up i decided to finally start blogging since it was my wish for over 10 years. I wanted to share all my knowledge about garden and home and food with all of you, and here i am starting and hoping my experience with this topics can help you dear reader and make you enjoy this as much as i do.

I have accumulated many great tips and ideas over the years growing my own garden starting from flowers to vegetables and now i am sharing this with you for pleasure. I found that growing plants is pretty much close to growing human beings, you need to invest a lot of good care and nurture to grow something as remarkable as it is, plus i enjoy sun and nature so this was my first and biggest hobby !

I have never neglected my inside home also, what can i say i enjoy beauty and clearness and making stuff and DIY projects with my children was a great way for quality time with them so you can also find those projects explained here !

The third and last thing i will share with you on this blog is food and good home cooking recipes. I’m not a big fan of junk food so even if cooking was never my thing i learned for the sack of health to prepare tasty and delicious meals for my family and i recommend you do the same thing !

Thank you for reading this and my blog, Ani