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How to Grow Healthy Plants

1. Take the time to prepare the proper environment before new plants arrive. Good soil preparation is the single most important thing you can do for your flowers. Loosen soil to at least 6 inches, add organic matter (such as peat moss, compost, or manure), and mix well. Rake to level. Soil preparation can be Read More

The best way to water orchids

When watering orchids, the goal is to saturate the bark pieces, not the roots themselves. Always use room temperature water — not cold, not hot. Avoid letting water stay inside the places where leaves meet the stems of an orchid; this promotes rot. The best way to water orchids is to place the entire pot Read More

How to use leftover fruit and vegetable peels

20 uses for leftover fruit and vegetable peels The skins of fruit and vegetables are full of flavor and vitamins — and they’ve got a lot to give. Don’t throw your kitchen scraps away; put them to work. The outer skins of fruit and vegetables are filled with flavor and vitamins, and most often have Read More

13 Strange Green Foods Everyone Should Eat

When I think of the color green, my mind conjures up images of weird or unappetizing things. Slime. Goo. Aliens. A person’s face before they’re about to puke. None of which are the least bit appetizing, nor healthy. But in the world of food, green is definitely a good thing. Green vegetables, fruits and other Read More

23 important tips to improve your home with planting flowers

    The following points may be kept in mind while planting flowers and plants: Champak, Mogra and Parijat should not be planted in southwest, northwest or east directions. Flower pots should not be kept on the east, north or northeast wall of the building. The trees which bear fruits should be planted in the Read More

You Must Know These Facts About Fruits and Vegetables

Most of us eat fruits and vegetable regularly. They are a part of our diet from a long time ago. We eat them raw, cooked, and even drink them as juices. There are many things about fruits and veggies that can be very useful and necessary to know. 1. Never mix grapefruits with medications Grapefruits Read More

Year In Your Garden

  JANUARY Prepare a veggie plot in an open, sunny spot. Dig in plenty of organic matter and, if soil is heavy, add some grit or consider building raised beds. Cut back overgrown, summer-flowering clematis by shortening old stems to the first pair of plump buds. Slugs and snails can do serious damage to garden Read More

This Plant Must Have Every Household

The word Aloe Vera conjures up the image of a wonder plant that seems to be very useful in our day to day life. Be it for getting a good skin to the treatment of burns Aloe is the perfect remedy. So what is Aloe Vera? Belonging to the species Aloe, Aloe Vera is a Read More

Amazing Things about Chamomile

Chamomile is noted as being a beneficial companion to many plants. It is also a great plant for paths and lawns. Chamomile plants need an area that receives full sun. Chamomile will grow in a wide range of acidic soil anything with 5.6 – 7.5 pH. Seeds need light to germinate, so rather than sowing Read More

These 3 plants You must have in your bedroom

  Usually all people love plants and that is reason why we have them in our homes,offices and garden.They are decor for our spaces and also they are their lungs .The plants produce oxygen in the process of photosynthesis,generally across the day ,but there are numerous plants that produce oxygen across the night .   Read More

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