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Carefully choose plants for your home!!!

  Usually the plants  are decor for our spaces but plants are also useful for enhancing the quality of the air, and also for  for neutralizing low humidity as a result of increasing air moisture. Nowadays, difficulties with and shortage of sleep are very frequent problems.The people who have sleep problems, often try to resolve Read More

How to Make Bathroom Feel Like a Spa

Keep Linens White (& Plentiful) The only time a spa doesn’t have a fresh stash of plump, luscious white towels and robes at the ready is when they have Turkish towels and robes at the ready. Maybe it’s because white linens can be bleached for sanitary purposes, but regardless of the reason, snowy white textiles Read More

10 Design Ideas to Maximize a Small Space

Create zones. Think about all the things you do in a space — work, sleep, relax, eat — and then establish separate zones for those activities. You can evoke “rooms” with a curtain, a smartly-placed table and chair or paint. Embrace change. Pieces that can serve multiple purposes are everything: Find a table that can Read More

Is your design taste more extroverted or introverted?

  A new movement is emerging that encourages personality-first home decor, according to Well + Good. It’s called intuitive design, and it favors decor schemes that are dictated by the gut instincts of the resident. In other words, instead of decorating around a particular theme or idea, let your decor decisions flow naturally from what Read More